The Importance of Transparency in Cybersecurity: Insights from David Tubananayo, CYBOKS CEO

3/27/20241 min read

David Tubananayo, CYBOKS CEO Intervenes in Cyber Defence Forum on Transparency

The CEO of CYBOKS, a leading cybersecurity company, recently made a significant intervention during a cyber defence forum, emphasizing the importance of transparency in the industry. This intervention took place in a panel discussion moderated by Heng Lee and featured prominent figures such as GanGenie Sugene Gan, Daas Omar, and Amin Hasbini.

Culture of Transparency in Africa

During the discussion, David Tubananayo highlighted the challenges faced in Africa, where there is a cultural tendency to avoid exposing weaknesses and failures. However, he also expressed optimism, stating that progress is possible. With the implementation of data privacy regulations and other cybersecurity frameworks, transparency is becoming more accepted and is helping organizations acknowledge vulnerabilities and make necessary adjustments.

Trust and Transparency for Cyber Resilience

The panel discussion focused on the role of trust and transparency in building cyber resilience. The participants emphasized that trust is crucial between organizations, governments, and individuals to effectively combat cyber threats. Transparency plays a vital role in establishing this trust, as it allows for open communication and collaboration.

Daas Omar, representing Afripol, highlighted the importance of transparency in fostering cooperation between African nations. By sharing information and best practices, countries can work together to address cybersecurity challenges collectively.

Amin Hasbini, from Kaspersky, emphasized the need for transparency in the private sector. Companies must be open about their security measures and vulnerabilities to build trust with their customers and partners.

The panelists agreed that transparency should not be limited to individual organizations or countries but should extend to international cooperation. Sharing information and collaborating on cybersecurity initiatives can help create a more resilient global network.

Overall, the panel discussion emphasized that transparency is an essential component of effective cyber defence. It allows for the identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities, encourages collaboration, and builds trust between stakeholders. While challenges exist, the progress made in Africa and the implementation of data privacy regulations and cybersecurity frameworks are positive steps towards a more transparent and resilient cyber landscape.

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